HOLON Purifying Retreats
Individual and group retreats

HOLON Purifying Retreats 
mean time dedicated to yourself.

Upcoming retreats

17 - 21 April, Allgäu, Germany
10 - 14 June, Puglia, Italy
2 - 6 September, Puglia, Italy

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Past retreats

15 - 18 May, Puglia, Italy
4 - 8 September, Puglia, Italy

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Time to escape from your daily grid. Time to get away from habits and things that drag you down, that aren’t good or even toxic for you and your health. Time to reset …

… and time to recharge so you can return to your daily life purified, reconnected, full of motivation and knowledge about how to retreat and do good to yourself regularly.

HOLON Purifying Retreats are kept in a small format to ensure an individual approach, atmosphere and warmth. There are individual retreats for one to four participants and small group retreats hosting four to eight participants.

1 – 4 participants

Individual retreats are available on request only.

Designed for one to four persons, these are geared towards your current individual situation, needs and objectives. This means your input is the guideline, the retreat is the “response”.

The individual retreats are available from September 2024 on and will be taking place in Umbria, Italy in a private restored country house nestled among cypresses and olive trees overlooking a picturesque valley that is bathed in the sun throughout the day. Combining aesthetics with the main objective of well-being, the house offers space to repose, dine, yoga, swim, sauna sessions and other treatments.

If you would like to receive further information on individual retreats or request an individual retreat, send me an email. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

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4 – 8 participants

The HOLON Purifying Group Retreats take place several times a year in various unique locations. Dimensioned for a maximum of 8 participants, the group retreats are a connecting experience, yet intimate and individual at the same time. Join the group and take the time to do good to yourself, to reconnect, purify and get back to your natural, full glow.


Allgäu, Germany
17 - 21 April 2024

Puglia, Italy
10 - 14 June 2024
2 - 6 September 2024

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5 days to reconnect and purify from the inside to come back closer to your natural state and full glow.

Purification is not only in the name of the retreats - it is at the nexus of it all.

Why? Because we are all exposed to toxins in varying degrees - be it in the form of food additives, smog, radiation, bad habits, an unhealthy work-life balance or a toxic relationship.

We are all pretty much in the same boat with this situation: for all of us, it is challenging to stay away from all these everyday toxins on a daily basis. This is why it is crucial to consciously withdraw from time to time and change your perspective to identify the toxins in your life trying to purify from them as effectively as possible so you can soar high instead of being dragged down.

In the end, we all know that we only feel, look and, above all, are as good as we do good and are good to ourselves.

HOLON Purifying Retreats are based on three pillars, all of which contribute to a pleasant but effective purification: movement, nutrition and treatments.


There are three yoga classes every day, each conceived to promote purification through movement diving deep into the physiology of your body, triggering a release of toxins. The morning session is smooth and flowing, gently awakening the body and then revving it up to full energy levels. The midday class is an effective power session, while the evening class begins with an intense surge and then settles you down, soothing and preparing you for the evening hours.


All meals are whole food vegan, sugar-free, organic, and above all as delicious as you would expect food to be in Italy! And yet, our meals will stimulate and encourage detoxification of your body. How? Each meal revolves around an understanding of pH value and is designed to give you an alkaline boost, prompting your body to release the toxins that it has been storing.


Each day, we will do treatments for the body and mind that reinforce the purification both at a macro as well as subtle micro level. The treatments range from guided meditations and shiatsu sessions with external experts to footbaths and dry brushing rituals all the way to theory-driven workshops on nutrition and even practical cooking classes.

In a nutshell:
What you get.

Transfer: from the airport / Accommodation: in a single or double room / Food: Breakfast, lunch, snacks, drinks, dinner / Yoga: 3 times every day and a routine to integrate into your daily routine / Treatments: with the support of experts / Workshops: on different topics / Recipes: for you to try out at home

Good to know.

Languages: German and English

Levels: all levels of experience are welcome.

Precondition: of course you are welcome even if you have physical or health-related disabilities or constraints. Just let me know in advance.